Planning a Winter Getaway? We are here to help you SAVE MONEY!

With winter vacations ready to be in full swing, we thought we would share some tips to help you save on your next winter retreat! We created a short list that could save you in long run.


  1.  Rent your ski equipment.  If you are vacationing to a place with lots of snow most likely you will end up at a ski resort. Not only is ski equipment heavy it takes up a lot of room and is hard to pack, especially for an entire family. The cost alone you saved for not checking all the extra equipment at the airport is saving on the ski / snowboard rental in the long run!  

2.   Rent a Vacation Home instead of a room. Why spend a ton on a room in a hotel when you       can have the whole house? Most vacation rentals are cheaper overall considering the price         per person. Most homes sleep 10+ and have all the luxuries of your own home.

3.  Cook at the house! If you are considering renting a vacation home, most likely the home            has everything you need to prepare dinner there. A quick trip to the grocery store is way              more affordable than eating out every night! You might want to check with the vacation                rental company, some do catered meals with local restaurants. This would really come in            handy if you are having a large group staying for the vacation.

4.  Chose the right weeks. When to go on your vacation is key! Most hotels, motels and resorts        are more expensive around the holidays. Try to plan a vacation that isn’t interfering with a          holiday stay. If you are needing certain days around the holidays off, try and book the week        before or week after, if possible.

5.  Buy package deals! Many hotels and vacation rentals offer packages. See what packages            are available to you and applicable to your stay. Will you get a discount off a meal, lift tickets,      theme parks or local business attractions?

Destination Holidays in the Mountains of Laurel Highlands!

Far from the busy crowds and the hustle and bustle of city life, a mountain holiday provides an unforgettable family, holiday experience.  Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, or an adventure weekend for the whole family…we got you covered! The perfect perfect mountain, luxury home is just a click away. Celebrating the holidays in the  scenic Laurel Highlands Mountains offer many ways to keep you happily fulfilled during your holiday getaway. Outdoor adventures come in endless variety: mountain climbing, white water rafting, cave exploring, trail exploration, skiing, visiting historical landmarks…the Laurel Highlands has it all! We also have homes that are very intimate accommodating 4 and homes that are very spacious hosting up to 50 guests.  We wanted to make it easy to find the perfect house so we complied a list of the most beautiful in the Fall / Winter Season.

The Lodge on Stony Creek

Lodge at Stony Creek

Lodge at Stony Creek / Accommodates 16

Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge / Accommodates 22

Pura Vida


Pura Vida / Accommodates 12

Schaefer House

Schaefer House

Schaefer House / Accommodates 8

Laurel View Retreat

Laurel View Retreat

Laurel View Retreat / Accommodates 22



Halloween is almost here!

Since it is Halloween weekend we wanted to repost this super interesting blog about the holiday Halloween.

Halloween Time!

Halloween Time!

One of America’s favorite holidays, ranking right up next to Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and the Easter Bunny, but do you know where Halloween and trick or treating originated from? For over a hundred years trick-or-treating has been a household favorite in the US and other countries. Who doesn’t love getting the little ones dressed up in a special costume and knocking door to door to collect their sugary treats? Let’s face it children, parents and retail stores ramp up for Halloween just as they do Easter and Christmas.

Ancient Roots

The tradition of Halloween, also known as “All Hallows Eve”, “All Souls Day”, or “All Saints Day” has been identified in ancient Celtic festivals and early Catholic holidays as well as medieval practices. Even though we don’t know exactly where the term trick or treating came from, by 1951 it had already been formally accepted in America. Halloween however has been dated back to a Celtic festival known as Samhain. This is where people celebrated the end of their harvest season on the night of October 31st. In their celebration they would light bonfires, dress in masquerade and make sacrifices to pay their respects to the deceased, as they believed the souls of the dead returned to the earth on this night.

In 100 A.D the Christian church created November 2nd as  “All Soul’s Day”, a day to honor all who have passed. As much of Western Europe’s population had ancestral roots to pre-Christian rituals and holidays, many of these traditions were carried on into the holidays of Christianity.  Children and sometimes poor adults would visit the homes of wealthier families and sing songs, or say prayers for the relatives of the family who had passed, in exchange for money, food or, pastries sometimes referred to as “soul cakes”.

Ancient Festival to Modern Day Holiday

The history of the phrase “Trick or Treat” can be linked to the November 4, 1927 edition of the Blackie, Alberta Canada Herald, talks of this,

“Hallowe’en provided an opportunity for real strenuous fun. No real damage was done except to the temper of some who had to hunt for wagon wheels, gates, wagons, barrels, etc., much of which decorated the front street. The youthful tormentors were at back door and front demanding edible plunder by the word “trick or treat” to which the inmates gladly responded and sent the robbers away rejoicing.”

The Spirit of Halloween go back many centuries, but it has weathered many storms that could have pushed such a time honored and exciting holiday for children into an obscure reference of the past.  The only recent time Halloween has been interrupted was during World War II, in which Trick or Treating was affected by the sugar rations in place during a period of the war.

We hope you enjoyed our brief history of Halloween, and if you are looking for a great place to stay with your family during the fall or winter months during ANY Holiday, take a look at our amazing homes.

Luxury Home vs Hotel Room?

Having trouble deciding on whether or not to book a hotel room or a vacation home? I bet several people think renting a luxury home is more expensive, but actually it rarely ever is. When you calculate the number of people the home accommodates versus a hotel room, the Luxury homes wins every time! Here are our top 3 reasons why you should rent the entire home!

Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge

1. Bring the WHOLE family! We mean that! Most luxury homes can accommodate large groups. What is more fun than to have your entire family with you to enjoy the perfect vacation? I mean who doesn’t want a Griswold Christmas Vacation? Then there is always that option to divide the expense amongst everyone – saving lots of money!!! For example if the total stay is $3000 and you have 15 people staying – that is $200 per person!!! That is saving a lot of money – YES please!

Laurel View Retreat

Laurel View Retreat

2. The convenience of home while you stay. Many luxury vacation want you to feel at home and have the same accommodating amenities of a hotel. So several companies do stock the fridge, dinner catering and even custom shopping orders so the things you normally use are there in the home when you arrive, such as toothpastes and laundry detergent.

Chief Nemacolin

Chief Nemacolin

3.Privacy – One of the sought after necessities of your vacation! Kick back, skinny dip, walk around in your pj’s, whatever you want! Unlike a very non-private hotel room, a luxury home rental would be the perfect place to get secluded retreat away from home.

What to except when renting a luxury home!


The top asked questions about renting one of our homes!

How do I check in?
All of our properties have key access codes right on the property. You do not have to check in with an office. We keep the check in process simple for our valued guests.

What are the check in/check out times?
Check in is at 4pm and check out is at 10am. If you need an early check in time or check out time…NO PROBLEM! Let us know when making the reservation so we can add this in for you. There is a fee for early arrivals and departures.

Is there WiFi at the property?
Yes, most of our homes have WiFi, there are a couple properties that don’t have wifi access due to their location. Just a part of being in a rural area. We like to call these the “perfect” place to stay because you can truly escape the busy life!

Will there be daily or mid week maid service?
Typically, the maid service isn’t available until after your stay. If you need maid service during your stay, let us know. There will be additional charge for this service.


Are pets allowed?
Yes!  All of our properties are pet friendly.. Please email or call to check on Pet Friendly options, there is a fee per pet.

When will I receive my check in information?
This information is sent via email when your final payment is processed. Typically 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

What if there is an issue with the home in the middle of the night?
Feel free to call our Customer Service number 24/7. We are here to help out no matter what time of day it is!

Dreaming of a Kid-Free Vacation?

Place in the Pines

Place in the Pines

Every parent dreams of a stress free vacation. Let’s face it “stress” meaning, no crying, throwing tantrums, listening to fighting siblings, cleaning up spilled milk and the list could go on forever. Most parents ponder if it’s time to have a have this awesome getaway or if the stress of having no kids would make for a lonely time. If you do make the decision to travel without your pint sized companions here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Choose a babysitter that everyone trusts. This is a given! Most people would entrust a family member, grandparent or close friend of the family. You want your child to have fun and be in a safe, comfortable environment.

2.  Make your stay fun for the kiddos. Plan out an agenda for them back home to look forward to and to keep their mind occupied during our vacation. Some quick ideas would be:

  • Plan a game night for the kids.
  • Find local attractions to get them out and about.
  • Have a sleepover with friends.
  • Make sure to videochat with them daily.
  • Bring them a special gift back.

3.  Be honest about your vacation! Let you children know how long you will be gone, where you are going and you are going without them. There is nothing worse then your kids expecting something and doesn’t happen.

4.  Go all out! If you are taking the plunge and taking the adult vacation, GO ALL OUT! Choose a place that you always wanted to go. Pick a place that you were dreaming of but never went because it might not be kid friendly. Some destinations parents normally pick to retreat to would be:  

-A foreign country

-Adult catered Cruise

-Adult beaches

-Tropical Islands

Most of all ENJOY your vacation together! Spend time focusing on just you two. Do things that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do because you have children! Re-light that spark in your marriage that might have been missing since you started a family!




Dog’s are part of the family, we all know that! So why shouldn’t they get to be part of the memories being made each year? We have made ALL of our luxury mountain homes pet friendly for our guests and their fur babies!

We also thought it would be a good idea to make a puppy to do list before heading out on your next getaway!

  1. Plan out your car / plane travels ahead of time! If you have a dog that is frequently car sick, you make want to stock up on travel sickness medicine from the vet for the comfort of their travels. If you are flying make sure you check with the airline company to discuss policy and procedures needed for animal passengers.
  2. Don’t forget to bring their bed, food, crate and toys. All of our homes have spacious yards for our guests and their dogs. Make sure Fido gets to enjoy the open mountain terrain. Remember to bring their dog crate so when you leave the home, he has a safe and familiar place to stay inside the home.
  3. Tags and Dog License. Be sure to have their proper tags and license attached to their collar, just in case they are lost or need veterinarian visit.
  4. Up to date on vaccinations. Make sure your fur baby is all up to date with their vaccinations.
  5. Plan something for them to do while you are on vacation. This could be a local pet friendly park visit, a dog spa visit or just a nice quiet walk around the neighborhood.

Be sure add your pet to your reservation. There is a small pet  added to the reservation, the fee is per dog.

FALL time is the BEST time in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania!


Looking for the perfect time to visit Pennsylvania? In our opinion FALL is the most beautiful time of year to make that much needed getaway, especially the Ohiopyle area. Late September to early October are usually the best times to check out the bursts of color. The rolling hills of gold and red are simply breathtaking. The panoramic views you will discover are truly nothing short of amazing. The temperature is generally perfect, cool breeze with a touch of heat from the bright sunny day.

Another reason the area is so perfect in the Fall are all the festivals.  Many surrounding areas have fall festivals, apple festivals, pumpkinfest, farmer’s markets and autumn themed festivities. Below is a link for all the surrounding festivals that are must haves this Fall season!

Check out this great list of upcoming festivals and activities in the area:

  • 7 Springs Autumn Fest – Every Weekend in October
  • Oktoberfest & Hallowboo @ Idlewild Park – Every Weekend in October
  • Fall Festival @ Schramm’s Farms & Orchards – Entire Month of October
  • Murder Mystery Dinner – Halloween Edition – Christian Klay Winery
  • BOONanza on the mountain @ Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

SUMMERTIME is in the air!

Summertime is right around the corner! Have you made your ULTIMATE Summer Vacation? We have the perfect home for every family! The pools will be opening and the grills will be blazing! We have everything to cozy cabins that sleep 4 to luxury mountain homes that sleep 22. Here is a peak of what to expect when vacationing with Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals!

Place in the Pines! This cozy cabin has a solid-wood interior and comfortably sleeps 4 guests. Inside the cabin, you will find a beautiful stone fireplace in the living room, modern kitchen, master bedroom overlooking the forest, and a beautiful bathroom.

Place in the Pines

Place in the Pines

Little a little more room? The Schaefer House sits on one of the most scenic 65 acres in the Laurel Highlands and is located just two minutes from Ohiopyle State Park. Hike to the top of the drive and overlook the most spectacular views of Sugarloaf Mountain! It accommodates 8 guests.

Schaefer House

Schaefer House

Room for everyone! We have several luxury homes that accommodate 12-22 guests comfortable. One of our most popular is Laurel View Retreat. This spacious home sleeps 22 guests. The Laurel View boasts one of the most incredible views in Fayette County. The home is situated at over 2000 feet above Uniontown on the Summit Mountain. The Laurel View offers eight bedrooms with four baths. The home easily accommodates 22 guests. Just a few of this home’s indoor amenities include a Jacuzzi shower, two wide screen flat televisions with satellite, an air hockey table and pool table. This unit also includes High Speed Internet with WIFI throughout the house.

Laurel View Retreat

Laurel View Retreat

So whether you are having an intimate getaway or a week long family reunion, call us today to reserve your perfect vacation!